DEPICTED is the Game of Visual Connections. It's a Bingo-like tabletop board game where players claim territory by matching images with myriad attributes. A very easy game to learn that uses strategy to master.

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Thinking Conceptually!

Depicted challenges you to think conceptually while playing strategically. It is a conceptual image-to-attribute matching game played on a dynamically changing board. Players strategically match images with attributes to gain territory. Each tile has one or more ways it can be matched.


Depicted comes in a variety of "flavours" to suit different ages and family groups. Purchase the game with one of the following themes ...

  • Classic - generic image tiles
  • Shapes - colourful shapes
  • Nature - flora and fauna
  • World Geography - regional, flags, countries, resources
  • Math - match equations
  • Words - make three-letter words
  • Elements - periodic table symbols
  • Climate Change - save the planet
  • Garden - flowers and pollinators
  • Muskoka - Cottage Country.

Add a different theme to your existing board later.

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How To Play

DEPICTED is played on a lasercut board with room for 100 or 121 tiles (by theme). Four integrated scoring tracks allow up to four players to play. Over 100 tiles are provided with each version. Each tile has a colourful image, numbers or letters with the flip side having a single arrow. Arrows are used to indicate which of four players owns that space. (It is possible for more than four people to play.)

To play, fill the board with 100 tiles that are placed face up. Shuffle the attribute cards and place face down in a draw pile. In turn, players find tiles that conceptually match attributes, flipping tiles over to point to the player claiming the tile. Score one point everytime four adjacent tiles are claimed and replace tiles to constantly change the board. Play strategically, block others as needed.

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Muskoka Instructions